Tuesday, March 21, 2006

From the good old days...

Here are some pictures of Frito from back in the day. Due to my dad's unfortunate computer problems and my necessity to see Frito-a-Day everyday I am forced to post some old pictures that I have saved on my computer.

Luckily, they serve the purpose of my daily Frito fix, so old pictures are better than nothing.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Oh, the indiginity of it all

Well Frito is being a trooper, but still having some difficulties. His blue cast that you saw in earlier pictures was so long he could not walk around. So to my surprise the doctor said, "well then let's take it off." Apparently, it was not there to immobilize his leg, but to protect it and keep him from chewing at the stitches.

So now you can see he no longer has a cast, and instead, has to wear this collar if we are not with him. Oh, yes, the indignity of it all. His leg looks pretty good considering the surgery was so recent.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Frito models the new "shaved-butt" look

Of course, it is not all bad. Frito gets this neat and sheik hair-do. I think it will be all the rage at Westminster next year, don't you?

Not so good, though, for early morning walks (er, "stands"). Frito is potty-challenged these days. He's going to explode if he doesn't figure that out ;-)

Morning after - ears are up

Well, things are looking up a little bit the next morning. Of course I should point out this is at 3:30 AM, becuase he just wasn't sleeping. But slowly and surely, he's starting to get back his Frito spirit.

We keep Frito on a leash to make sure he doesn't try to jump off the sofa or bed (that would not be good). This also is the bed in my office (aka Greg's room), and Frito and I laid down together so Frito could get some shut-eye. Me, I was computing of course. And we put on some iTunes music for Frito, which I think he liked.

The Greenie that wasn't "et"

OK, this tells you the seriousness of the surgery. To see a Greenie without Frito in the picture should tell you something. That's right, he wasn't even interested in eating his favorite treat on the first night. But he did manage to get over than on the second day.

Alpha gives comfort too

This is pretty much the routine -- when Frito is awake, if he is uncomfortable, then one of us just have to spend lots of time with him. That does seem to comfort him, and lets him get some sleep. Of course, it makes it tough for us to sleep. But hey, that's what parents are for. Frito is certainly worth it!

Mom comforts the wounded warrior

Frito looks so pathetic! His ears are back, and his face has that "been to the vet" shagginess to it. Not to mention this oversized peg leg to try to carry around. Indeed, for the first few days, Frito didn't really move around on his own. Yep, his parents get to carry him everywhere! Good thing there were two of us this week.

Ears are back -- it's gonna be a long night

Well, you can imagine how you might feel after having relatively major surgery on your knee to replace a blown-out ligament with an artificial one. Yeah, that's kinda how Frito looks, isn't it?

Good news - I'm home; Bad news - drugs will wear off

Frito comes home! He's pretty out of it. He's going to need alot of TLC for a while. Hey, I thought we only had two kids?

Notice which one is *not* smiling

This is Eileen, the assistant who helped the surgeon patch up our wounded warrior. Apparently everything went well, and what more can we ask (besides a 2-for-1 discount at the vet)? You'll notice there is only one person in the picture that is not smiling. Hmmm, I wonder why?

BTW, Frito's leg is now covered in an outdoor "boot" so his cast doesn't get wet. We prefer Ziploc bags, ourselves, but hey, what do we know?

Is my leg supposed to go that way? ("After")

Well, we dropped Frito off for surgery the day prior and here we are picking him up the next morning. Everyone thought Frito was an excellent patient! At this point, it's too early to tell (he's still on happy drugs). How else can you explain him not being bothered by his leg being in this position?

Computing with Mom ("Before")

First off, my aplogoies to all of the Frito-a-Day fans for my irregular postings of late -- I'm blaming it on jet-lag.

Here is Frito "before" his operation to repair is cruciate ligament (on the other leg). All you can really tell when he's sitting is that he is rather shaggy -- we didn't send him to the groomer because we thought it might stress out his bad leg too much.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Out for a run

Here we are, out for a run through the woods around Tucker Pond. Frito loves to run on woodland trails, becuase he can be off his leash.

Alas, for those that haven't heard, it will be a while before this is possible again. Frito recently injured his other leg again, and will probably need knee surgery once again. That will lay him up for months. Poor Frito.

(And officially, I'm back on track for Frito-a-Day postings now. I will try to keep up with one a day so you can keep checking back daily ;-)

Cruisin' for some frogs

When its hot, there is nothing better than a quick dip in Ticker Pond. Frito likes to cruise the shoreline (as he is doing here) hoping to find some kind of critter hiding in the bank. Little does he know, the frogs are elsewhere. But hey, swimming is a nice way to pass the time.


Continuing with the Tucker Pond theme, here is Frito drying off after a dip in the pond. He's very smart, and if given a towel, will use it enthusiastically to dry himself. And this keeps him pond-water soft.

A wee bit windy

Well, it's a wee bit windy up on top of Mt. Kearsarge. But I had to pick this photo becuase we need to honor not only Frito today, but also Carol -- since its her birthday!

I know, I'm a schmuck for being in Japan, but I will try really hard ($$$) to make it up to her. Oh wait, if I say that, she'll think I'm getting her that expensive necklace we saw at Jane's Pearls in Tokyo; and then I'll really be a schmuck since I didn't get that. Actually no jewelry at all. Just give me the key to the dog house.

Summertime Smiles

Someone's smiling! That's becuase it's "summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime, summertime, oohh!" Of course, Frito's smiling pretty much all the time, except when we leave him all alone at home.

Someone's been bad

Well, someone's been bad. No, no, not Frito. Alpha for not posting for nearly a week. So I have to make it up to Frito and Alli and Carol, so here comes a week of Frito at Tucker Pond, in anticiaption of this coming summer. Here Frito takes out the canoe -- any kind of boat he likes!