Saturday, December 04, 2010

Harz Mountain towns

So this is Goslar -- perhaps the most famous town in the Harz Mountain area. It came to prominance due to silver mining.

One of its really neat characteristics is that they tile the sides of the houses in slate. Sometimes very ornately. It's pretty amazing and cool.

They also have a thing for witches in the Harz mountains. Hey, whatever one needs to do to scare the kiddies ;-)

This is a rather interesting horse sculpture, also in Goslar.

Hey Alpha, that's great with the posing and all, but maybe I should be getting down now, OK?

And here's another town, Wernigerode, in the Harz Mountains that we visited.

But then the weather turned yucky, so we decided to head home. But we had a nice visit, and got to see some cool places. Woo-hoo!


john said...

could i get a date with the witch?

Frito said...

Careful -- she might turn you into a bull frog.