Sunday, June 08, 2008

Down by the river

Well, we are camping at the Mohican State Park in Ohio. And boy, did we luck out.

Since it's a Saturday night (and Mom wanted electric hookups for A/C ;-), Alpha called and made a reservation.

Well good thing, since this place is packed! And our spot is right on the river at the end of a loop. I'm just inches from a quick dip in the water.

Alpha set up the table and chairs so the humans could also have a riverside seat, and wireless internet connectivity. These guys are pathetic (hee, hee). But hey, at least I get to stay outside longer. AND ... Alpha finally updated my blog!

That's a good boy, Alpha ;-)

And then this little pipsqueek dog just wandered over without a leash. Alpha had to pick him up and find his owner. I was a little bit jealous. Thankfully he was only hors d'ourve size for me (and not vice versa ;-)

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