Friday, July 10, 2009

Time to get me out

OK guys, this was a nice way to cool me off.

But I think it is time to get me out now.

How about a little help please?


Alli said...

I think you prefer your little kiddy pool that you can get in and out of easily! But, as such a world traveller I guess you have learned to make these kinds of sacrifices ;)

Frito said...

Yeah, it's a tough life, but some one has to travel the world and be loved beyond compare (hee hee)

caroldcrisp said...

It's great that almost all German Villages have a fountain or watering trough of some kind. Good way to cool off when you are a solar collector on a toasty day.

Frito said...

And lucky for me, I am soooo adorable, that surely the locals wouldn't mind ;-)