Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On our way to see a glacier

So here we are in Blatten, Switzerland again.

We like this spot for hiking, and we had never hiked up to see the glacier before.

So here we go ...

Fortunately for me and my short legs, I'm getting air-lifted around the muddy spots.

Mom, you are too good to me!


Alli said...

Well if there ever were any question about who's the *real* Alpha of the family... lol

Charlie Brown said...

I see what is occupying your are things back at the Germany ranch? Great shots of Fritoaster.

Frito said...

Alli ... so true. That other so-called "Alpha" just plays one on TV.

Charlie -- I know what you mean is "Frito looks good" rather than "Alpha takes good photos". I mean, really -- let's keep our wits about us, shall we?

Oh, yes, and Alpha says thanks about the 2nd kick in the butt, whatever that means.