Saturday, December 03, 2011

OK, we're heading home now

Well, that awesome vacation had to come to a close at some point.

So we're headed home, or at least back to the hotel

So that wraps it up for one more of our Alpine hiking adventures in Switzerland.

I hope you liked all of the scenery.

Mom and Alpha say next year they might try the Italian alps.

That is, if they haven't gone bankrupt by then (hee, hee).

Would probably make things cheaper, anyway ;-)

Switzerland is really pricey these days.


john said...

if italy you can get bowl of spigetii and meatballs and a 1989 bowl of water

Frito said...

Over my little dog head, John. 1989 bowl of water?

john said...

hey its vintage

Frito said...

Ohhhhh, I understand.

And you knew I didn't drink wine.

How thoughtful ;-)

john said...

what about things being cheaper by the dozen

Frito said...

John, are you writing in code or something? ;-)

john said...

no dont do computer programs hehehe