Sunday, December 28, 2008

All the comforts of home

So on this move to Germany, Alpha tells me he did things differently. He found the apartment *before* he got us on the plane.

That meant (a) we knew pretty much what furniture to bring and (b) we did not have to stay so long in a hotel.

16 nights to be precise (on this end) but who's counting ;-)

Nevertheless, when you are a little doggie, you have no idea how long you have to live in that tiny room.

So needless to say, I was *really* happy when some of my stuff started showing up. Like the leather sofa.

And like my homemade bed that Mom made just for me. Yep, I could tell I was "home" again. Woo hoo!


Alli said...

Not too shabby, Frito! Is your bed right next to the heater too?? Glad your parents are taking such good care of you! :)

Frito said...

Well, it was, but they moved it. No matter, I usually curl up by Mom's leg on the reclining sofa (with the afghan -- you remember ;-)

Now in the kitchen, my *other* bed is right be the heater. I have no problem finding places to get all warm and cozy.

caroldcrisp said...

Let's see how many Frito beds do we have?? One in the car, with two pieces of polar fleece for extra warmth, one in the kitchen next to the heater, one in the living room, one in Alpha's office, the sheepskin in the middle of the sofa...and....Alpha's old bathrobe on the king size bed, just because.... (Can you say "spoiled"??"..maybe just a little. Love, Mom

Frito said...

No Mom, you had it right.

Not "spoiled". Just "because".

Oh, and BTW, we could maybe use one in the dining room (hee, hee).