Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snortling with Mom

Oh, will you lookee here. The movers brought in another rug. Ooooooh, this one is a nice thick rug. So whadya say, Mom? Can I snortle here too?

OK, if you insist Mom. Let me start by doing some turnarounds.

Rule #16 of Life -- never turn down a good snortle once you've been given the green light ;-)


caroldcrisp said...

What an expert Snortler! The more plush the rug, the more you get into it! We'll see how long it takes for the off-white background to get Frito-ized :)

Frito said...

Not sure if that is anything like Scotch-guarded? Mmmmmm, guess not. Especially with the butt-scoots (hee-hee).

Alli said...

You and mom are matching with your black! Both blending in with the Europeans I see... :)

Frito said...

You are soooo right Alli -- I hadn't really noticed. That must be why the Germans speak German to me. Because we fit in so well!

Now if we only knew what they were saying ;-)