Thursday, January 01, 2009

Grand snortling finale

OK, perhaps you've had enough of my snortling adventures.. Well, I must say they really were quite spectacular, if I do say so myself.

You really have to get into it -- vigorously rubbing your face on the carpet. It's almost as good as getting a full body massage.

I mean come on -- who wouldn't want to see endless snortling pictures.

OK, OK, we'll move on to something new tomorrow, I promise.

Hey, Happy New Year everybody. (I survived the fireworks just fine.)


caroldcrisp said...

Oh what a handsome fellow and what primo snortling! I'll watch you snortle any time :)

Frito said...

Aw gee Mom, thanks. And I'll snortle for you upon demand ;-)

Alli said...

You definitely are the cutest snorteler (looks like we're making up words here) around!

Frito said...

I have that affect on people. I'm just so cute, in any language, even made-upable ones. See what I mean?