Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not just fair-weather walkers

Sometimes it's sunny ....

.... and sometimes is cold, raining, muddy, slushy, icy and treacherously slippery!

But that just shows our level of dedication (on Day #2 of our Volksmarching opportunity).

I finished up just like a wet, cold rat. But Mom and Alpha had towels in the car, and they gave me a vigourous rub-down to make sure I was dry and warm. They are too good to me ;-)


john said...

hey frito you got a slushy in germany wow that good wish i had one

Frito said...

You can have this kind of slushy John.

If I were you, I'd hear to 7-11 instead; just be careful you don't get a cold headache ;-)

caroldcrisp said...

We were lucky not to have slipped and broken something on this adventure!! Of course those of you short of stature with four paw drive don't have to worry so much :)

Frito said...

Yes, pretty easy for moi.

And I was impressed you both remained vertical (hee, hee)