Monday, January 26, 2009

Casting a long shadow

Who is that dashing and studly looking Yorkie?

Oh wait, that's moi (hee, hee).

Hey, what can I say -- when you've got it, flaunt it.

Now come on you guys, let's go catch those walkers up ahead. I need some more adoration.


Anonymous said...

Hi Frito et al,
You sure do seem to be having quite the time with all your new adventures- I am envious. Seems like you have just about the same amount of snow we have in Amherst- very chilly here -12 degrees and more snow this week. Mom has been really busy as Dad fell on the ice and broke his ankle- he had to have surgery and now has a "fankle"- fat ankle.

Mom isn't very computer savy so she isn't sure how to start a blog-hummm.
Tell Alpha to keep those photos and adventure updates coming.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, Leo and I are now Official Pet Partners through the Delta Society. I have already started making visits to the local Nursing home- boy I get lots of attention. Leo passed his evaluation this weekend.

Looking forward to seeing what you and your family are up to next. Be careful on the ice!
Anna B. and Leo

Frito said...

One word ............ OUCH! I hope your Dad is doing OK.

Yes, I am having quite a blast over here, even though I do miss my girl (and my bro'). But I am certainly getting in lots of walks. Now if we can only get Alpha running again ;-)

As for bloggin', tell your Mom there ain't nothin' to it. All she has to do is create a gmail account, and then go to this page: and follow the instructions.

Be sure to have your Mom post the URL once she gets it going. I am sure you will soon be a star!

caroldcrisp said...

Frito, are you saying "Come on Mom, come on Aplha, we only have 8 more kilometers to go!!"

Frito said...

At least 8 km! Mush, mush! (Hee, hee)