Sunday, January 04, 2009

Clean-up time

Well, I survived New Year's Eve ;-) In case you didn't know, they shoot fireworks on New Year's Eve over here. Looooooots of fireworks. And not in some town-sponsored, heavily-organized fashion. Nope.

Everybody buys their own and shoots them off right from their own house. Or in a nearby field, like where this mess of debris remains. Sheesh, I hope someone gets out here soon with a broom ;-) Probably have to wait for the alcohol to wear off (hee, hee).

You can see it was a really foggy walk that we had that day. But it was pretty neat, looking over the fields and into the woods. I got really messy, and got a bath afterwards. Boy, I sure do love that.


Anonymous said...

HELLO Frito,
It has been a long time since I've checked in and boy oh boy have I missed out on a lot of your adventures. I was surprised you are in Germany- is this a temporary move or permanent? I was tinking we would meet someday at Dara's, but it may not happen. I wish you and your family the best in 2009 and keep those photos and stories coming. Don't drink too much of that German beer.
Warm regards,
Anna B. and Leo

Frito said...

Awww, good to hear from you Leo and Anna B.

We will surely meet up sometime at Dara's. But until then, let me have the link to your blog -- you do have a blog, right? ;-)

Hopefully there will be no more lapses in Frito-a-Day, right Alpha? Alpha?

caroldcrisp said...

Love that orange vest! You glow in the fog :)

Frito said...

Thanks Mom. You should see me when I plug in the batteries (hee, hee). Electric Frito!

Alli said...

Wow... people need to clean up their firework leftovers!

Look at those ears flying in the wind in the second picture... those are some big ears!

Frito said...

Glad you noticed my ears, Alli. I do think they are rather special ;-)