Sunday, January 18, 2009

Even better -- Mom's scarf

Actually, maybe I am just a little spoiled.

Ya see, Mom didn't just warm up my paws this time. She actually took off her scarf and wrapped it around me.

Awwww, that's why I love my Mommy! 'Cause she spoi..., er, takes really good care of me!


Alli said...

Isn't Mom so nice!! Looks like you might have to wear a sweater and a vest combo on days like this... it looks brutal! At least I know Mom's looking out for you and your little black paws! :)

Frito said...

You're right Alli.

And normally we are that prepared.

But this walk caught us by surprise -- we didn't realize there was such a think as the "never sees the sun" trail.

caroldcrisp said...

At times like this, it is good to be a portable pooch!

Frito said...

And it's really good to have such a nice Mommy!