Friday, January 16, 2009

Another drive, another walk

Ya see, even though I have great walks right out my back door, Mom and Alpha like to show me some sites too.

So we load up the little Honda Fit, and just take a drive. Alpha sets the TomTom for "avoid highways" and we just cruise all the country roads.

Then eventually, when it's time for a stop, they look for some cool woodland path. Like this one.

Now tell me ... am I a lucky dog or what?


Alli said...

Looks like there is going to be tons of awesome exploring to do once the weather warms up a bit! Maybe you'll run into some German "s-q's" too!!

Frito said...

Oh yeah. Wait until you hears what Alpha and Mom have just taken up. I'll be getting plenty of walks in soon ;-)

caroldcrisp said...

Sometimes when we're out in the middle of nowhere on these walks I'm a little envious of you and alpha....(if you know what I mean :))

Frito said...

He, he, he -- that's a good one Mom.

Let's hear it for being a guy!