Monday, January 05, 2009

Post bath coif

Well, after we got back from that foggy, sloppy, messy walk, I got a nice warm bath from Alpha. In our new bathroom, there is a large bathtub that is pretty much all mine since the humans use the shower. :-) This is even bigger than the huge sink I used to be bathed in back in NH. I feel like I'm at the Doggie Day Spaw (that's one for you Dara, wherever you are ;-).

So then after drying off in towels, and rolling vigorously and repeatedly on yet more towels on the carpets, I end up with a fantastic new hair do -- don't you think?

In the immortal words of Billy Crystal as Fernando Lamas ... come on, you can say it to me ... "you look marvehlous"!


caroldcrisp said...

You were rolling so vigorously, I'm surprised Alpha was able to get you to stand still for a photo. He probably had to say "This one's for Alli" !

Frito said...

Well, let's try not to judge Alpha's photography skils by this picture. And you are correct -- the only way he caught me not as a blur was to use the flash (hence my demon eyes. And to get my attention, it was something like "where's Alli?" ;-)

But once again, my cuteness saves an otherwise questionable photo. Ta da!

Alli said...

Oh my goodness! That must have been a REALLY nice bath! Looks like you can't contain your excitement and you just want a snack so you can go roll some more!

Frito said...

Did I hear someone say "snack"? Yeah, sure, that's right, OK, let's have a snack then. Come on. You said it. Come on! Go on. I'll wear you down. Snack time. Sounds good. Whaddya say?