Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cool window

Here we are at another cool place -- Burg Hohenzollern -- just a short drive from our house.

Takes a little effort getting up here (get ready for an uphill walk), but it's pretty cool, and you get exercise too!

Take a look at the cool fortress, and get a partial glimpse of the amazing views from this place, high on a hill.

Also, you can tell these guys must be OK -- check out their coat of arms below. That's one of my ancestors there (though obviously not a particularly attractive one ;-)


caroldcrisp said...

What a great coat of arms! And a dog friendly destination too :)

Frito said...

Yes, and unlike some of the humans, I had no problem chugging up that hill (hee, hee)

Alli said...

What cool architecture! Looks like you are certainly going to be the most well-traveled little poochie explorer ever if you keep going at this rate!

Frito said...

And this is only Baden-Wurtenburg, Germany. Just wait!