Saturday, January 17, 2009

A little too cold and icy

It was frizzin' on this walk. The sun was no where to be found as we were on the north side of the trail.

After walking for a while, I got some ice stuck in my paws, so I just kinda stopped and looked pitiful.

That's when Mom picks me up and cleans off my paws for me. Then she carries me for a while, just to make sure I'm OK.

What would you call that: pampered or spoiled? Oh come on, so I'm a little bit pampered. Whadya expect -- did you see how cute I am?


john said...

hey frito
if your going to wear a cape wear a cawl too geesh

Dara said...

Hi Frito, I miss you so much! Hope you are loving Germany. Have you found a groomer? Let me know if she needs some secret tips for your pampering grooming sessions. Anna is here from her grooming thoday, she sends licks and tail wags. Say hello to Alpha and Mom. Keep up the good blogging. Dara

PS See if Alpha can get a close-up of a German grooming area for me. :)

Frito said...

Hi John. Not sure I even know what a 'cawl' is. But not sure it would help my paws. Thanks anyways.

Hi Dara. As for groomers, I am getting about due. Rumor has it Mom is going to try. So perhaps right after that, we'll find out what the inside of a German groomer's shop looks like (hee, hee).

Relayed hi to Anna! Woofs and snortles right back atcha.

Alli said...

We have to make sure those adorable black pads of yours stay intact! Plus, you always speed ahead of all those humans sniffing out little critters... you deserve a little break every now and then! ;)

Frito said...

Yeah, that's right Alli. The 'rents should just pick me up every so often because I'm so deserving!

john said...

hey frito a cawl is what you wear over yor head and face like bat man

Frito said...

I see what you mean, John. I would be happy to wear a cawl over my head (so long as I get to lick it off ;-)

"Cawl" -- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cawl is a traditional Welsh stew-like dish consisting of meat and vegetables. Its ingredients tend to vary, but usually includes Welsh lamb and leeks. Cawl is translated as soup in modern day Welsh.

caroldcrisp said...

That's just about the cutest picture of the pup I've ever seen :)

Frito said...

Get Mom some new glasses. She needs to review the Frito blog ;-)

J/K Mom -- thanks!