Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here's our house

This shows the main entrance to our house. It used to be an old German hunting lodge, back in the 1930's I believe.

I'm really lucky to have all of the yard to run around in. Look at me go -- I'm just an orange bullet.

OBTW, I have no idea what that cool fountainy looking thing is -- I'll have to get Alpha to ask the landlord.


Alli said...

What a cool looking house! Glad your rents found one of the only houses with a real yard so you would have some space to run around!

Frito said...

Yeah, those 'rents are OK in my book. ;-)

caroldcrisp said...

We are all pretty lucky Alpha found us an apartment in this house. It will be especially nice in the warmer weather.

Frito said...

You are right Mom. It would be tough if I had to be on a leash every time I wanted to go outside. Waytogo Alpha!