Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adding a little color

The forests around here -- in the winter anyways -- can be a little ... well ... brown (when they are not white ;-).

So I am quite sure that everyone appreciates the color I bring to the landscape. Don't you think?

That must be why they almost always smile when the see me. I'm very popular donchaknow.


caroldcrisp said...

Not a very pretty time of year, but you brighten it up wherever you go! Without the orange vest, you would blend right in. Ooh, Frito colors could become a new trend in camo!

Frito said...

Yes, that's right, not only do I brighten the forest, but I also brighten the day for each person that sees me -- I make them smile, assuming they are a dog person, that is ;-)

Alli said...

Even if they are not dog people, everybody loves FRITO!

Frito said...

It's so true Alli. I watched people today, and everybody smiled when they saw me. I'm just sooooo cute.