Sunday, January 11, 2009

So who's the guy with the hat?

Well that's kind of an artsy looking pose. We're standing in front of a cool doorway at an old cloister for nuns, known as Bebenhausen. This place is just a short drive from where we live, and it's really cool.

And just who is this guy with the hat? I haven't met him before. He sorta looks like Alpha, but ever since we arrived in Germany, he's wearing this hat. Don't ask me. Maybe he's going bald or something.


caroldcrisp said...

Frito, I think the hat is a Euro thing! We are going to have to go back to Bebenhausen in the warm weather (see a theme emerging here??!!) and walk around the entire area. It's just beautiful. Oh, and for some reason, I think there were monks here rather than nuns.

Frito said...

OK, well Euro is much better than bald. ;-)

And if it's not the Euro thing, then perhaps it is the Indiana thing -- get it? (hee, hee)

And as for your monks reference -- you are just too smart, Mom. Just wait until tomorrow.

john said...

hey frito you trying to steal the spot lite from george the monkey?

Frito said...

But John, your not even in the picture -- so how can I be trying to steal it from you (well, that was sure mature of me ;-)

The real fact is there is no way anyone (George or otherwise) could ever get that spot light away from moi in the first place. I am simply too adorable.

Alli said...

Those are really cool tree/vine things around the first picture... and I guess the hat on Alpha isn't so bad either. ;)

But of course, as always Frito, you are the star of the pictures!

Frito said...

Well, that's certainly true -- but you need to be careful Alli. If you complement Alpha's hat too mch, his head will expand and he'll no longer fit in it (hee, hee)