Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yummy grass

Sometimes I just can't get enough of that yummy, yummy grass.

OBTW, I slobber you with my tongue ... so Happy Valentine's Day!


caroldcrisp said...

Wish we had some nice grassy nibbles for you outside! Unfortunately, everything is covered with snow and ice now :(

Frito said...

Me too. It's time for this snow to go!

yukinateru said...

He is super cute! Makes me miss my puppies!!!

Frito said...

No problem yukinateru,

Just get your puppies to start a blog of their own.

It's really easy. Trust me.

Alli said...

He is super cute! Frito, meet my friend Jess... she's in my abnormal psych class and grew up on the island so she's slowly showing me around!

Hope the volksmarching continues to go well and the weather's warming up for you guys! Be sure and give lots of puppy slobbers to mom and alpha!