Sunday, February 08, 2009

On the tank trail

So you might think this is just some cute picture of me on a cobblestone walkway.

Well, cute yes; but not just any walkway. Get this ...

We live about 6 miles (10 km) from the base where Alpha works. And it turns out, you can get there by paths that run through the woods. In fact, there is an old "tank trail" that runs all the way to the base. Yep, imagine German Panzer tanks rolling over these cobblestones -- after all, we live very close to another base call Panzer Kaserne.

Anyhow ... so Alpha took me running into work with him! How cool is that? Then Mom came and met us just inside the gate, and I got a ride home (while Alpha had to work ;-)

This was soooooo cool. We even did it twice last week. Check out this short video.

And no laughing at Alpha's ear muffs -- he's listening to his iPod Shuffle through them ;-)

Soon, no one will be able to call me "meine Kartoffel" again. Or if they do, they will have to say "meine kleine Kartoffel" (hee, hee). Come on, you can all use Google Translator.


john said...

are those yellow bricks?

Frito said...

Hee, hee.

Some might say that Alpha works in the Land of Oz ...