Wednesday, December 02, 2009

In the garden #3

Herre I am peering over the ivy on our garden walls.

Once I found a big yellow and black lizard in the ivy, so I must always check it out carefully.

Don't worry, Alpha saved him from me. Such a Buddhist ;-)


john said...

you dont look anything like buddha your cuter

caroldcrisp said...

Maybe you too will become a vegetarian one day :)

Frito said...

Ahhh, john grasshopper-san, buddah takes on many shapes and sizes. You might be one too (hee, hee).

And as for Mom -- let's just say "nahdon'tthinkso"!

And with apologies to "Hap" Kliban:

"Love to eat them boneys,
boneys what I love to eat,
chew them till they're mushy,
boy oh boy they do taste sweet."

Vergitarian? Ptuuee (hee, hee)

Alli said...

Aww look at the big gorgeous brown eyes!! And yeah, I don't foresee the vegetarian route anytime in the future either... =P

Frito said...

The way I look at it -- since Mom and Alpha have gone vegetarian -- that leaves more meat for me! Hee, hee.