Friday, February 18, 2011

I adorn every computer

Well, at least those in my household.

But I think I could make some megabucks if I just market the Frito-a-Day screensaver.

Whadya think?


Boswell said...

Nice trim I see you got there, Frito! Say, I've been meaning to ask you - were you named Frito because your paws smelled like cornchips? My girls are constantly telling me that I smell like cornships, or sometimes they call me popcorn paws! You know what?! I got into a fight today! I'm a little on the feisty side, havin' to keep a watch on my girls an' all, an' I saw these two big lab/bull dogs at the end of my driveway... well I had to let 'em have it - and I did, I'm sure they were scared even though it appeared to my girls like I was some sort of toy being tossed around. They were screamin' but I don't give up easily... well, I got off with only a few nips, but I missed out on the fun in the snow after that, my girls tossed me back in the house, boooo.

Frito said...

My paws most certainly do not smell like cornchips -- I'm a sweet-smellin' pooch.

No my name came first (really), and then when I went to doggie heaven (aka became part of the Crisp family), they just told me what my new name was. Don Frito el Bandito Crisp. But you can just call me Frito (hee, hee).

And remember Boswell -- make love, not war. And that way you won't get bit by bigger doggies ;-)

'Course, I don't follow my own advice.