Monday, February 21, 2011

Pretty comfy

Hi guys. My parents just got back from another trip. What is up with them?

This time I got to stay with a nice German couple, Herr und Frau Beuttler. They live in a great house a few towns away, and are also right off some walking trails. I got to walk multiple times per day. Woo-hoo!

My lambswool throw was one of my favorite things to sleep on when I was staying at the Beuttlers. Good thing my parents brought it over. It's very comfy.

See, here I am sleeping on it at home. Doesn't that look inviting?

OK Alpha, why don't you just let me snooze. I think everybody gets the idea how much I love my lambswool throw.


john said...

thought i heard puppy snores

Frito said...

That will be coming in a future movie post, I am quite sure. (hee, hee)

Anonymous said...

The intruder stood paralyzed. Frito stared him down as the man finally, slowly backed away.

Frito said...

Maybe so, Anon, but once we become good buddies, I'll wag my tail and come give you a good sniff ;-)