Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Color coordinated

See, it kinda goes like this. I've been losing my hair, so my parents took me to the vet to see what's what.

Dr. Essig had to take some blood for tests, hence the yellow bandage. Pretty cool color match, eh?

So they think I have this condition where I'm getting too much cortisol into my system. It's like being stressed out.

Dr. Essig will do a more in-depth test when my parents return from vacation. And if so, there is a pretty straightforward treatment (just a small pill a day) that should be able to help.

I'm glad Mom worried enough to take me in to see the vet. She's always looking out for me, donchaknow.


daylightdisinfectant said...

There will come a day when you are punished by the things you do to this animal lol.

Steven Crisp said...

Nah, you never lose points for style.