Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hey, at least they're clean

You don't think I would plop myself on dirty clothes, now do you?

No way, Jose.

But give me some nice warm, clean clothes that Mom just folded?

I say get outta my way, I got some more snoozing to do!


john said...

hey its alpha snoozing i hope mom ground you alpha you bad old putty tat

Frito said...

Me thinks you confuse Don Frito el Bandito with Alpha.

Alpha simply photographs what he see ;-)

Alli said...

oh my goodness... look at you! keeping mom company while she folds the laundry (wink, wink) ;)

Frito said...

That's right Alli. Fortunately Mom works around my desires, and just adds piles if needed.

Alpha, the scrouge, would actually make me move!