Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still got it!

OK, so here's the story.

Alpha lost a headlamp he was carrying in a pack during a previous run to work, so he thought he would go run the trail again looking for it.

He noticed he lost it about 3.4 miles from home, so we should only have to run that far -- not bad, a little bit more than my run downtown.

Except that after we got there (and didn't find it), we still had to get home (another 3.4 miles)

Alpha tells me his plan was if I had any trouble running the whole distance, he was gonna call Mom to pick us up.

Well HA! to that. I had absolutely no problem running 6.8 miles. And I'm 77 dog years old ;-)

Yep, I still got it! Look how cool and collected I am in the photos. Then look at the sweat pouring off of Alpha. HA!

You better give me your iPhone -- next time I'll call Mom to pick YOU up Alpha. Woof woof!


evil john said...

i always thought alpha headlight was dim

Frito said...

The lights are on, but sometimes there's no one home (hee, hee)