Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I give you ... "The Donald"

As great as my hair has come back from my bout with Cushing's disease, there is still one problem area.

You see my ear? No new hair growth on it.

So there is clearly only one thing left to do:

I give you ... "The Donald"

As in Trump. You know .... the guy with the worst combover on television.

But hey, he's worth millions, maybe billions.

So why not emulate?

So just to make sure you see what I'm talking about ...

Here is a close up.

First, before ...

Then after.

See what I'm talking about?

Just call me a dashing old pup.

Come and get it while you can, ladies ;-)


the truth is out there said...

you could be the donalds long lost twin

Frito said...


Are *you* Alpha's long lost Zwillingen?

john said...

cancer man with bad wig

Frito said...

I certainly hope not John.

Just a slightly balding old man, er, dog.