Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet the groomers

Well, my parents didn't buy the punk rocker thing.

So today I went to the groomers -- this is Frank. He's very nice.

Yo, Frank, dude!

Perhaps you should use some clippers rather than just trying to yank out the hair. ;-)

Oh, you were just checking me out.

And now I'm getting all of the dreck removed from my long hair.

Hey, don't blame me -- I'm a dog. I'd say that falls on the ol' 'rents.

Awww, I'm all done now.

And here is the other half of the dynamic grooming duo. Say hi to Sabina.

Boy, I'm a clean and neat boy now!


john said...

they do this to me when i go for hair cut

Frito said...

I assume you mean wear the face mask ;-)

(hee, hee)