Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hazards along the trail

There were quite a few "free range" doggies.

They were all quite friendly, but that doesn't really make me any happier.

My job is to bark ferociously just in case they get any nefarious ideas.

Oh yes, and there there are the "free range" children.

Anyone hear about leashes?  Great idea for kids if you ask me.

Everyone just wants to pet my cuteness, and I understand that.

But then I'm the bad guy if I decide to snack on those tender fingers.

And then we have "Frito dangling".

Alpha, how many times have we talked about this.

Two hands are required when carrying moi.

And finally, we have the perennial hazard of "too many photos".

Can you tell just how thrilled I am?

In fact, I think this is the photo Mom was taking of me from yesterday's post.

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