Monday, May 07, 2012

Walking around Riomaggiero again

So here we are taking in some of the local sites in the town where we stayed.

This is the corner of an old castle, and take a look what years and years of running water does to the corner of the building.  Yikes, these guys need some gutters ;-)

You can see the weather was little chilly, and really quite windy at times, during the beginning of our vacation.

I call this one "smiling at the stairmaster."  This is one hilly place, and when you get into town, that means lots and lots of stairs.

Of course, perhaps Mom is smiling because in this case we are going down to the ocean.

And here we are once again on Lover's Lane.  It's a really nice gentle (and level) stroll along the edge of the cliffs as they meet the sea.

In the background there you can see another colorful village tucked away in the crevice of rock.

Thanks for bringing me on this cool vacation guys.

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