Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indoor day (aka rain)

Well, today we stayed put. We decided to spend an extra day at the Devil's Tower because it was a nice campground, and it was a beautiful morning.

Then the rain came. But this wasn't so bad either. After all, we are snug as a bug in a rug in Thistle Dew Too. And Alpha got to work on some RV projects. Something about running a new 120V circuit and installing a backup camera.

Can you believe that this was the first real rain we've had since we started our RV adventure (almost a month ago)? So I can't complain. Instead, I just play indoors ;-) But I do feel sorry for all those people camping in tents though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Frito et al,
Sure does look like you are all having a blast. Give a big shout out to Alpha for keeping us posted of the Crisp family adventures. Take care-we love seeing the sites.
Anna B. and Leo
P.S.- How are the ticks out there?

Frito said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Anna B and Leo.

I keep nosing Alpha to get crackin', but he always seems to fall behind. At least he *eventually* catches up (hee, hee).

Yep, we're having fun. But I'm not so fond of National Parks. Did you know they don't allow dogs on any of their trails? Sheesh. We're thinking State Parks might be a little more dog friendly.

As for ticks? Mom just put some Frontline Plus on me, so hopefully, I'm all set. Haven't had any problems so far.

Thanks for checking!