Sunday, May 25, 2008


This is an interesting place. We were driving east through flat, lush fields of green, and then all of a sudden ... we're in these so called Badlands. Only I didn't find them so bad. The sky was blue, with a few puffy clouds, and since it's Spring, there's water here and the temperature is pretty cool.

But I guess things get ugly in the summer. Oh well, the only thing Mom is worried about are cacti. She want's Alpha to keep me on a short leash when we walk through the grass. She saw some hiding there.


john said...

hey frito looks like a cool sandbox

Frito said...

Well, John, I'd have to say "yes and no".

Ya see, since this is a National Park, dogs aren't allowed on the trails. So I only get to walk along the roadsides and parking areas.

So if you ask me, these "National Parks" are overrated (aka not really dog friendly ;-)

Ed and Carol Daniels said...

Hello Frito:
Went swimming today in a snow melt fed creek. Cold? Reminded me of when I fell through the ice on Lake Louise last year. Now that's cold.
Almost got a chipmunk today. Missed by an inch. Next time for sure.
Your friend,
Gopher Daniels

Frito said...

Well, hello there Gopher ol' buddy. Bet you sure are enjoying that new rig.

I can tell you I'm sure enjoying your old one!

Thanks for writing. Better luck with the 'munk tomorrow.

Me, I wanted one of them rare black-tailed prairie dogs, but Mom said no -- they are endangered. Bummer.

We're in the middle of "Nowhere", Nebraska right now. Which goes along with a saying we heard the other day ... "nowhere to be, and all day to get there."

Have fun!