Thursday, October 27, 2011

Look who's shopping

Well lookee there. I guess I shamed Alpha into posting a photo of *moi*.

Yep, here I am shopping with the parental units.

You can see the value of being pooch-size

And here's Mom taking me around the store.

Hey Mom, don't get me confused with the loaf of bread, 'K?


john said...

as long as mom doesnt confuse you with toilet paper and asqeee the charmin hehehe where's mr whipple?

Frito said...

Please don't squeeze the puppy either.

Alli said...

I think Mom's next sewing project needs to be a frito carrying bag with a low side so his whole head can fit out, not just the nosie! :) Cute nosie though ;)

Frito said...


Great minds think alike.

I've been trying to tell Mom this for some time, but I think all she hears is arf-arf-bow-wow, and so she let's me out to go to the bathroom ;-)

So I pee to make her happy. (hee, hee)

But Mom, what I really want is a custom carry bag just like Alli says.

When you get a chance ;-)