Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

So tell me, do you think it's a sunny day for our walk?

Well lets see, Mom looks like she's squinting a bit

And I look all bright and spunky.

But only the shadow knows for sure.

Hey Alpha, what the heck are you are wearing, anyways?

Jeez, a little spooky if you ask me.

Oh, I get it, this must be Alpha's halloween costume.

Do you know what he's dressed up as this time?

Well of course you do ... he's an old-time radio show ;-)


john said...

are playing toto and mom dorithy and alpha hiding must be the lion hahaha

Frito said...

Sorry John. I'm not breaking your code.

We're talking about The Shadow here.

john said...

wiz of oz the shaow is the lion cause he was scared

Frito said...

OK, I get it (I think).

But I 'm gonna need a translator if you keep up the shorthand.

Does anyone else speak "John" out there? Didn't think so (hee, hee).