Sunday, October 23, 2011

Post-vacation recovery

So Mom and Alpha just got back from their vacation to Portugal. And guess what -- they didn't take me.

Nope, I got to have my own vacation with the Beuttlers. Which means I got lots of walks and plenty of attention.

And that also means I need my post-vacation recovery. Does that ever happen after your vacations?

Well, apparently it happens to Mom as well ;-)

Yep, everyone is glad to be home. Now we can cuddle under the blankets (because the house is freezing), and we can just snooze a bit.

Ah, that sounds like a vacation from the vacation. So let's hear it for the post-vacation recovery! Woo-hoo.

Or should I say, "Zzzzzzz..."


john said...

as long as any slackers named alpha cant cuddle with you frito, if he tries lick his toes

Frito said...

Yes, that Alpha certainly has been a slacker from Frito-a-Day. I should withhold my cuteness in protest.

But that would just be cutting off my cute nosie to spite my adorable face ;-) And we can't have that now can we.

I'm going to cut the slacker some slack. Rumor has it work has been very busy. Oh yeah, and that rough duty in Portugal (ha!)

Alli said...

Better stock up on blankets before I come to visit or I may have to steal that one from Frito and the one from Mom! :) Miss you guys!

Frito said...

Yes, that is so true Alli. You really are going to freeze your, ahem, behind off over here.

You would not believe how cold the house was when we got home. Even with blankets I could hear Alpha's teeth chattering (hee, hee).

Good news is they can crank up the heat for you. And maybe they'll look into wood heat as well.

Can't wait to see you!!! Love, your pup.