Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Still need to air dry

Here I am after a nice bath.

Everything's been done; I just need some more time to air dry.

Let me show you what I have to go through for my bath.

OK, maybe what my parents have to go through ...

First I have to get all wet, and then shampoo'd.

My parents really love this part, especially if I shake off my soapy wet body and splatter them in the face (hee, hee).

Then I get rinsed with nice warm water.

This is pretty fun, except when they try to clean off my chops.

That means the water comes precariously close to my eyes and nosie.

But my parents are experts at this point.

Then I get the towel.

Actually, two. Double wrapped and all warm after my bath.

I really like just setting for a spell with Alpha.

Then of course all the rollin', rollin', rollin', which you have seen many times before.

And when all is said and done, I look extraordinarily clean and cute -- just like this!


trail boss aka john said...

hey yarde yates i'm glad alpha cleaned off the the trail dirt
i hope you enjoy being a clean pup pup

Frito said...

Of course I am always handsome.

Now I'm just extraordinarily so ;-)