Monday, November 07, 2011

Hugs with Mom and Alpha

Out for a nice walk today with Mom and Alpha.

We took one of the long routes, and for just about all of it, I was able to be off-leash.

But as you can see, every once in a while, I got picked up by Mom to keep me safe (from a car on the trail, or some big dog).

I don't mind -- it's nice to get a hug from Mom.

Now in the case of Alpha, he's just glamming for a photo op.

Lucky for him I'm in the picture.

Otherwise -- straight into the bit bucket, if you know what I mean ;-)


evil john said...

hey frito where'sthe poparizze? you could be working the CATWALK hehehe

Frito said...

This time, John, it was the Momarazze, not the Poparizze. ;-)

And for some reason, the crowds weren't exactly overflowing for Alpha's picture (hee, hee)