Sunday, July 01, 2012

A better walkway (and runway)

So the 'rents concluded that I was to blame for a couple of broken sunflowers.

Then they figured out it was really their own fault becuase they had blocked my runway with flower pots.

So they finally got the bright idea to move the pots to the corners and edges of the garden wall.

Now I can finally walk around the wall again without having to jump into the garden.

Well, 'duh!

And everything still looks all pretty with the flowers.

Plus you can have me as an added attraction.

Now that's the way to make a good looking picture.


Cynthia said...

The flowers look so pretty and Frito looks so handsome.

Frito said...

Awww geee thanks.

Isn't it amazing how pretty I can make the flowers look? That's shows what a good model I am.

Certainly make the parents look better -- that's for sure!