Friday, July 06, 2012

So here's how yesterday's walk started

Yeah, so Alpha carried me this far, and then thought I would start walking with him.

We're still in our own yard (hee, hee)

Such a silly boy.

Doesn't he know I can play a good mule when I want to?

And if needed, I'll just lay down and see if he plans to drag me along on the walk ;-)

Turns out, I made him carry me all the way over the railroad tracks to our hillside walking trail.

Sometimes I'm such a stinker ;-)


Alli said...

I'm glad you're still calling the shots Frito lol Don't these parents understand it's whatever YOU want to do that happens hehehe

Frito said...

If you only knew how much I still called the shots Alli. You would be so proud.