Sunday, July 15, 2012

Remembering Frito Crisp (2000-2012)

Well, there's no way around it -- this is a sad day.  

Frito had to be put to sleep yesterday.  It was peaceful, it was quick, and Frito was comfortable and we were both with him.  And we are certain we did the right thing for Frito.

In the past few days, Frito had declined very dramatically, and had been recently diagnosed with dementia, in addition to all of his other conditions.  He was also in distress for the last couple of days, and unable to get comfortable for any length of time.  We suspect he had internal bleeding, among other things.

But as sad as this news is, we also wish to celebrate his life, and remember all of the love that he gave to his family (and that he received from his family), as well as his many acquaintances along the way.

Frito added great joy to many lives, and we wish to remember him as the cute and funny and active dog that he was, and not just the recent challenges and illnesses that he faced.

So with your permission, and because I still have quite a few photos of Frito on my computer (a couple back to 2003), I thought we would continue posting some of these oldies but goodies and help us remember all of the great times we had together.

So here's to Don Frito el Bandito Crisp -- the best dog in the world, and perhaps the most loved, and certainly most photographed pooch around.

Frito, we miss you, and we love you, and we will always remember you!


Mom said...

All my love to Carol, Steve, Alli and Greg. Frito had a great life, he couldn't have picked a better family.
I will never forget the look on his face when he came for a visit and we dressed him up in the lobster costume and Joey's tshirt that said vote for Pedro.
RIP Frito.
Love Cynthia

Steven Crisp said...

Thanks Cynthia,

I don't have a photo of the lobster costume (darn ;-), but I do have some of Pedro which I'll plan to post when they come up chronologically. I'm glad Frito became friends with Pedro and they got to visit and play together.

And you were such a good friend and neighbor for Frito. I remember how he alsways went visiting when he wanted a snack or treat ;-)

He was one lucky, and well-loved, dog.