Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OK - happier on the log bench

This is much better. Sitting mostly on terra firma, and being protected by my Alpha. Nice day up here though, I must say.

You can see that Mom and I are really on the top of the world up here. And that house in the background is the Eagle's Nest -- Hitler's 50th B-day gift and little-used retreat. This is cool.

And if you are really up for an outing, you can *walk* up from the bottom. We were not that craz, er, adventuresome. But we did walk down. And that was tough enough on the humans (sore quads ;-)


caroldcrisp said...

Oh boy, I remember the painful aftermath of that walk! It got me in the hips though, not the quads. And, nearly everyone walking up, that we passed going down, looked really grim.

Frito said...

Yeah I hear you Mom. Maybe you need some artificial ligaments like me (hee, hee).

Alli said...

I would be happier on the log bench too, Frito! It is very beautiful though =)

Frito said...

Beautiful -- of course -- since I'm in each picture (hee, hee)