Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time to play

All work and no play ... makes Alpha not only dull, but a highly unreliable Frito-a-Day poster.

So I took it upon myself to create some "play time" with my frisbee to get the parents out of the house.

And boy am I fast. Hee, hee. Catch me if you can, Alpha!

And while you are doin' the "play thing", don't forget to post!


Anonymous said...

FIRST! These are great pictures of Frito with ears at half mast. They make a perfect 90 degree angle. Great picture of Carol too you never change! Hope guys are well.

Frito said...

Well thank you Grasshopper. I "hear" that my ears are one of my special features.

Most Yorkies get their ears trained to be upright when they are little. All I can say is "pity the fool" that came up with that idea. Mine have so much more expression.

As for Mom -- yeah, we think she's looking good!

caroldcrisp said...

Picture Sally Field in her nun's habit ...We call those Flying Nun ears - especially from the back view! Someone is looking more like a chihuahua than a yorkie :)

Alli said...

That frisbee looks HUGE compared to you in the first picture! Glad to see that you are getting your play time in even without your littermate Greg!

Frito said...

Mom ... er, no.

Chihauhaus have bug eyes and look funny. I am handsome ;-)

Alli ... it is tough, but I can sometimes shame Mom and Alpha into a good game of keep-a-way.