Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cammo training

You just never know when you need to blend in to your surroundings.

Here I am practicing on our new king bed quilt. Now you see me, no you don't.

Pretty impressive, donchaknow.


john said...

frito the invisible dog

Frito said...

I'm stealthy -- like a Ninja!

caroldcrisp said...

You'd better leave your jingles (tags) behind on your next undercover mission :)

Frito said...

Oh, good catch Mom.

But not so good when a stealthy Ninja needs to ask his Mom to remove his jingles before a mission.

Hi Karate!

Alli said...

lol wow, it's like a comforter designed in Frito print... very nice =)

Frito said...

Yes, and I 'Fritoize" more and more every day (hee, hee)