Monday, November 30, 2009

In the garden

Going back in time a little -- before I got my haircut.

Hanging out in the garden was lots of fun, especially after Mom and Alpha reinvigorated it with new plants.

I don't know what they all are, but they sure look pretty (especially with moi in the picture ;-)


caroldcrisp said...

Someone sure is smiling :)

Frito said...

Yeah, well, I'm just a happy guy ;-)

Alli said...

Somebody just loves being outside =)Hopefully the winter isn't getting too cold for you! If so, I may just freeze when I get there =O

Frito said...

Don't worry Alli -- we'll get you a nice orange vest just like me (hee, hee).

Seriously, Mom has lots of warm bundling clothes -- just take hers (hee, hee)