Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hey Alpha? Whacha doing with pictures of other doggies on your camera?

Woah. Now I'm very jealous. We're you petting other doggies on your trip to Israel?

OK, so maybe not that jealous. At least the little munchkin wasn't pullin' on me.

Now could you please get back to Frito photos?


Alli said...

That poor little white puppy looks terrified! lol As for the yorkie, no worries Frito, he's got absolutely nothing on you :)

Frito said...

Nah, that's just the camera talking. The little white puppy was very happy giving kisses to the munchkin.

And while I agree that I am by far the cutest of the bunch, I am wondering why Alpha is off rubbing bellies.

Hey, don't we have a dog monogamous relationship Alpha? (hee, hee)