Monday, January 31, 2011

Me, and my shadow(s)

Took a walk on a nice sunny day.

Alpha, you have some really large, weird growth on your hip -- maybe you need to get that looked at (hee, hee).

While we were out, we saw this pretty horse.

Now I don't want to hear and blond horse jokes, 'K?


john said...

your shadow is the better looking shadow
i wouldnt tell any blonde jokes because i would have to explain it to the blonde

Frito said...

Well of course it is John. It's svelte (like me). We won't comment on the 'rents (hee, hee).

As for the blonde horse -- no reason to 'splain, I don't think she'd get it ;-)

Alli said...

Is Alpha really carrying a water/coffee mug on his belt?! I think this is when you walk ahead and pretend you don't know him =P

Frito said...

Exactly Alli,

You know exactly how to deal with these sorts of situations. Do you have experience with this? Hmmm?