Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shake it off!

This is something I have perfected later in life. I was just practicing here.

You've heard of flappin' your gums? Well, this is called flappin' my ears.

And you would be surprised how easily it get's Mom or Alpha's attention.

And much better than barking, I'm told ;-)


john said...

shake shake shake shake your booty

Frito said...

Actually ... the booty's on the other end.

And I don't shake than nearly as much.


Alli said...

hmmm... were you rolling in something smelly? or have you outgrown that habit?

Frito said...

NO, I think Alpha had just given me a cool-down wetting after a run.

As for the smelly-rolling, I seem to be doing it less these days, but you just never know ;-)