Thursday, February 08, 2007

All the world's a stage

But right now, its Greg's bed which is also in Alpha's office. Let's see, Alpha's playing some music. What is that I hear -- oh, that's a catchy beat. It's the Beach Boys, "Fun, fun, fun". Ever hear it? Well, why not sing along (just like me):


- Alli - said...

Wow, what a super talented little guy you are Frito! A little off key but totally cute nonetheless... : )

Frito said...

Off key? Off key?!! Alli, trust me, it's that Brian Wilson guy who is off-key. THIS is how dogs are SUPPOSED to sound. Play it for another dog -- you'll see what I mean.

Hey, I love ya anyway, even if you do have a human's ear ;-) Slobber!